Sunset Park Rent Strike Photography Initiative

For years, residents of three adjacent buildings on 46th Street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, have been living in nightmarish living conditions. Despite numerous complaints to city agencies and politicians' offices, documented housing violations including unsafe electrical wiring, a broken boiler, and disease-triggering agents continue to threaten the lives of the adults and children living there.

In this participatory photography project, the Sunset Park rent strikers learned photography in order to document the deplorable living conditions in the buildings but also to capture the vibrant culture of the neighborhood. The workshop was designed to empower, inspire, and provide an outlet for self-expression to the individuals who are working tirelessly for their rights and against injustice. A community exhibition was held at La Casita Comunal de Sunset Park.

Participaing photographers include Luis Marcos Lopez, Fransisca Ixtililco, Maria Gil, Lind Torres, Raquel and Carlos Villon, Eulogia Hernandez, Jerry Betance, Alex Betance, Sean Pagen, and Noelle Theard, who produced the project in collaboration with Dennis Flores.

The sonidero project you are hearing was conceived by DJ/Rupture, using the voices of the rent strikers themselves to tell their stories over cumbia.